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Pilgrimages in Tyrol:pilgrim paths in the "Holy Land" of the Alps

Mariastein pilgrimage destination in Tyrol

Pilgrimages in Tyrol – sooth the soul. Right next to the Mariasteinerhof is the impressive Mariastein pilgrimage church which houses a popular and revered Baroque gem.

The Lords of Ebbs built a chapel in 1460 and placed a statue of the Virgin Mary in it. Baron Karl von Schlurff bought the chapel 100 years later and took the Tyrolean statue of the Virgin Mary with him to Bavaria. According to legend, the statue was back in its original place in the chapel in Mariastein again the very next day. The Baron attempted to take the statue to Bavaria in vein. It kept inexplicably returning to Mariastein time and time again. As a result of this "miracle", the chapel became a pilgrimage church. Mariastein has been one of the most popular destinations for pilgrimages in Tyrol since the 16th century.

Inner contemplation through pilgrimages in Tirol

Just under 300 inhabitants live in the small, quiet municipality of Mariastein. Farms and houses are nestled harmoniously into the beautiful nature. Quiet Mariastein with its pilgrimage church is the ideal place for reflection and inner contemplation. Experience blissful moments of being during walks through the stunning Tyrolean countryside. A stop at the Mariastein pilgrimage chapel gives you hope and new strength. After conquering the 150 steps you find yourself in the tower of the Chapel of Mercy where you can admire the precious Gothic picture of the Madonna. Hotel Mariasteinerhof is situated right next to the pilgrimage church.

Other pilgrimage destinations in Tirol

Pilgrimages have a long history in the traditionally-minded state of Tyrol. Besides the Mariastein pilgrimage church there are therefore other pilgrimage sites worth seeing, whose churches are widely known for their beauty:

Marienbasilika Absam/Basilika St. Michael (approx. 46 minutes): Thanks to its famous picture of the Virgin Mary from the 18th century, the Maria Absam pilgrimage site has been one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in western Austria for 200 years.

Maria Brettfall pilgrimage church, Strass im Zillertal (approx. 25 minutes): Resting on a mountain top above the municipality of Strass in Zillertal valley, the pilgrimage site of Maria Brettfall, a former hermitage, can be reached via an approx. 30-minute hiking path.

Maria Klobenstein pilgrimage church, Kössen (approx. 40 minutes): Next to the split boulder shrouded in legend of the same name, the Maria Klobenstein is an impressive unique sight with its altar with the "Black Madonna" and a small Lourdes chapel.

Maria Waldrast, Matrei am Brenner (approx. 1 hour): one of the most visited places of grace in Tyrol and one of the highest situated monasteries in Europe at 1,638 m.

Set off in search of peace and balance and recover your strength in harmony with nature with pilgrimages in Tyrol. Send your no-obligation enquiry for your room in Mariastein to the Radinger family, your hosts at the Mariasteinerhof.

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