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Hunting in Tyrol

Hunting ground with possibility of hunting in Mariastein

In Mariastein there is an 1800 hectare hunting area that not only invites you to hike and bike, but also to observe game. Your host Thomas has a hunting licence. You are welcome to make an appointment with him for game watching or a sunrise hike. Our game comes exclusively from the Tyrolean mountains and is shot by experienced Tyrolean hunters.

Experience nature up close

Apart from your hunting ambitions, a stroll through nature around the Mariasteinerhof is crowned with experiences and discoveries. It is worth having an experienced expert at your side who will let you into the secrets of the forest. Simply ask your host who knows the surroundings like the back of his hand and likes going wildlife watching with his guests. He explains all about the local animal species, their tracks and distinguishing features. Learn about the diverse world of animals in Tyrol and become a nature lover yourself.

One special experience is a hike at sunrise. Particularly good conditions prevail for wildlife watching in the peaceful quiet of the early hours of the morning.

Go hunting yourself

If you are interested in shooting on the hunting ground, your host will be happy to put you in touch with the game tenant. You can hunt one of the species on the Mariastein hunting ground yourself bearing the regulations and shooting seasons in mind.

Game treats at the Mariasteinerhof

Naturally you will also come across game from the region in the restaurant at the Mariasteinerhof. Delicious game dishes are regularly on the menu there. Enjoy a piece of the best game, freshly shot in Tyrol's vast forests, together with a glass of red wine that we will be happy to recommend to accompany your chosen dish.

We will be happy to provide you with more detailed information about the hunting opportunities and all the particulars in the area around Mariastein. Send your no-obligation enquiry for your hunting holiday to the Mariasteinerhof!

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